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Terms and conditions


1. Declaration:

  • PR ADADGIO s.r.o, Ičo 29002621, Díčo CZ29002721
  • registered at the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, File 81167.
  • Head office established: Kotěrova 1C – 613 00 Brno sever
  • eShop a show-room: Angel Výšivky – SH4U - Jiráskova 10 – 682 01 Vyškov
  • Contact : Angel-Výšivky - Jiráskova 10 – 682 01 Vyškov
  • Phone : for Czech republic : +420 640 320 378
  • Web page:
  • E-mail:

2. Orders of products and services (embroideries)

  • Customer can order products (textiles) and services (embroideries, and custom made outfits) on e-shop
  • All prices mentionned in the site are final, including VAT according to its legal rate.
  • Angel Výšivky does not guarantee the immediate availability of all items.
  • If it occurs that the goods are out of stock, the customer will be informed about the order status and nearest possible delivery time.
  • When an order is sent for delivery, according to a client order, the customer will be informed about the cost of shipping and delivery time.
  • Buying through the eshop Angel-Výšivky by electronic form, by phone or bz eMail, constitutes a sale contract between the customer and the eShop Any of this forms of order is binding.

3. Cancellation of order

  • The supplier and the customer may cancel any order without giving any reason. Order cancellation must be done by phone call and confirmed by e-mail.
  • The seller must always must confirm the receipt of the order cancellation. In case of complete cancellation of the order by the customer, which already has been confirmed by the seller, even after the above mentioned reason to change the binding order by the seller, the seller may require from the customer a penalty (cancellation fee) of 20 % of the price of the order. Payment of the contractual penalty does not affect the sellers right to compensation for any damage.

4. Impossibility of delivery, prices changes:

  • The seller may cancel the contract if the delivery of the goods ordered becomes impossible, since the ordered goods is not produced anymore or is not deliver to the market available to the seller, or if it is by long term unavailable without fault of the seller.
  • If the above mentioned inability to fulfill delivery concerns only part of the order, the seller may only cancel that part of the order.
  • The seller may cancel the order and withdraw from the contract if there is a significant change in the purchase price for which the seller acquires goods from his suppliers when the change was not known from him at the time of order confirmation.
  • The seller is obliged before withdrawal from the contract in case of price change to inform immediatly the customer and try for a new deal, than if the customer will not agree on a new price, the seller is entitled to withdraw.

5. Deliveries terms:

  • The available ordered goods ordered by the customer will be delivered in the shortest shipping time by transportation companies PPL, Czech post or other carrier, usually within 1-8 working days after obligatory confirmation of the order from the seller.
  • In case that some of the goods of the order are not in stock, and it will be a delay for their delivery, the customer will be informed immediately. Then the customer will have the possibility to choose between substitute goods or acceptance a longer delivery times.

6. Transport:

  • The customer can choose the way of transport when ordering the goods, according to Angel Výšivky transport offers. The seller usually send goods by transport companies PPL or Czech Post. The price of transportation always dependents on the volume of customers order.
  • The seller does not charge the packing of the goods.
  • Goods are send all over the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, but can be send all over the world as well for specific prices.
  • Goods are always insured and the customer must carefully check the shipment when its receiving. In case of damaged delivery, customer must immediately contact the supplier and write with the transport company a complaint about the shipment (see claim conditions).

7. Payment terms:

  • The customers can choose from several options when ordering the goods:
  • 7-A - Payment on delivery – company will send the ordered goods to the address of the customer, in the price will already be counted postage according to the amount of the order. The customer pays the carrier (PPL, Czech Post,...) required amount for the goods on delivery of the consignment.
  • 7-B – Bank credit transfer (to the company bank account). In this case, always sends a proforma invoice with payment information and details about the bank account number and variable symbol. Once the client has wire the money crediting the amount for the order to the bank of the company, the goods will be immediately send to the customer by chosen transport company.
  • 7-C - Payment via credit card while ordering the goods though internet.
  • 7-D - Personal retrieving of the goods in the shop against payment cash can be alwazs be done at this address: Angel-Výšivky, Jiráskova 10, 682 01 Vyškov. The seller will always let customer know, when the customer is able to pick up the goods.

8. Withdrawal from contract

  • After concluding the purchase contract through means of distance communication like phone call, e-mail and form in the e-shop, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason up to 30 days.
  • According to the law, it is 14 days from receiving the goods within this period, the purchaser (customer) must deliver to the seller act to which the current applicable legislation combines the expression of the will towards withdrawal.
  • Purchaser (consumer) can use this right of withdrawal to realize that either deliver the goods personally to the retail seller along with a declaration of intent to rescind the contract, or at his own expense send the goods to the seller at his address through one of the transport companies along with a written expression of the will of contract. When withdrawing from the contract the purchaser (consumer) within 14 days in accordance with § 536 paragraph. 7 b. r., goods must be using the right of withdrawal returned strictly undamaged and unused.
  • The purchase price for the goods is than returned by the seller to the buyer's bank account or postal address of the buyer.
  • Goods must be delivered to the address of the seller Angel-Výš :
  • Jirásková 10, 682 01 Vyškov with a copy of the invoice for the goods. The purshaser will support the costs of the expedition of the returned products.
  • Seller may withdraw from the contract if the delivery of goods becomes impossible (goods is produced no more) or there is a price increase by suppliers.

9. Protection of personal data:

  • The seller collect with the consent of customer personal information about his customers, as the name, address, phone and e-mail address. These data are used primary to facilitate the operation of customer orders. If the customer expresses his agreement, the seller Angel- may communicate with the customer by a newsletter or by e-mail communication with news and special offers.
  • does not transmit any personal information about his customers to any other subject.

10. Final declaration:

  • These terms of the company are valid from the date of 01-01-2016 for all purchase contracts between the seller and his customers. The supplier reserves itself the right to change the business conditions at any time.

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