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Custom embroideries exist for you to have a textile different of what you can find in shops, something custom designed for you (name, date,...) or for an event (competitions, birth, birthdays, diplomes,...)

Frequent asked questions

What kind of embroidery can you realize?

  • We can realize all of kind of embroideries into frames from 100 x 100 mm up to 200 x 300 mm, or a combinaison of several of this designs.

  • We have a data base of over 4 500 ready designs, for very fair prices . you can combine all this designs with name (persons, dates, company name. Events,...)

  • We can realize every custom design that you would like (within the limits of the frames of our machine)

    Or, from an simple idea, or from a design you can provide us.

    In this case, we will need an extra delay, and we will provide you a designed project before to embroider your textile.

On what textile?

  • We can realize your embroidery on most of the textiles technically acceptable by our machine. We have an important data-base of about 2 500 available products from biggest European brands ( Sols, James & Nicholsons, Adler, Russel,...), and we have the most used products in our stock.

  • We realise embroideries on children clothes « 100% made in Czech republic » by local firms. This is our « Kids Aktiv » collection.

  • Beside the classic clothes, linen and bath textiles, we offer the very trendy « Buddies » line of teddy bears ready to embroider our design on their bellies.

  • We also realize completely fabrications of some specific products, 100% made in Czech republic, like Pads under-saddle, fleece deke for stables or training,

When do you deliver the embroideries I want to order?

Once we agree on the textiles and the embroideries, we provide you our work:

  • in a delay of 8 days for ready designs,

  • and up to two weeks for custom designs.

How do I know the price I should pay?

  • Price of our textiles and « ready to do » designs are displayed inside our site, or can be given to you in the atelier before to order.

  • An estimation of the price of custom designs will be given to you before we start computer digitalization, and for this work, we requier a provision of 500 kč upfront. In case you do not accept our project, this provision is not paid back.

  • Price of custom designs embroideries are calculated in Stitches (every time a niddle go inside the textile) A complex design with 60 000 stitches will take more time / machine / work than a design of 10 000.

How do I pay the work and textiles I order?

  • we normally ask 50% upfront before all custom order. You can come to visit us when ever zou feel it, but it is better to take an appointment.

  • The rest being paid when delivery occurs. It can be paid hand to hand in the atelier, or delivered where you wish against payment (cash on delivery)

Why choose Angel Výšivky?

Before to buy our first embroidery machine, we used to realize our horse works with big companies, until the day we get an embroidery with a horse with 5 legs !!! when our design was easy and could not be mistaken.

We paid before, and never get refund or apologize !

We are not an Industriel outfit which somehow limits out technical possibilities, but our strong point is that we care of our work and our clients : It is important to satisfy you with great work.

Than, we can also do all the tasty works that big companies do not want to bother with:)


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