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Welcome to Angel-Výšivky web-site !


We like to transform an idea into embroidery.

Starting from a draft on a piece of paper, improved into a digitalize image, than embroider the concept into textile, to finish with an appealing embroidery.


This is what we do!


And we care about how we do it!

As we are not an industrial company focusing only on the quantity, we can take the time to do our work focusing on the quality.


If you want to celebrate the birth of a child into your family, or Christmas, a birthday, a diploma, or just love for a person close to you in any way,


If you want to give a visual identity to the working outfits in your company, to the polos of a sport team, or personalize clothes for a sport event,


If you want a stylish home decoration, with embroideries in pillows or in linens,


than, we are the ones you need to contact, because we love embroideries well done.


We look forward to meet you :)




Ready to help

We're here for you! We'll gladly answer all your questions. Call us at +420 732 439 458

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For company customers and agencies that order for more than 500 EUR.

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For all orders over 1200 EUR.

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Czech Republic +420 604 320 378
English +420 732 439 458
Français +420 732 439 458


PR Adadgio s.r.o.
Akátová 788,
Horoměřice 25262
Czech Republic
IČO 29002621
DIČ CZ29002621


Angel Výšivky
Moravská 9,
682 01 Vyškov
(only by appointment, please


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